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Packing the house for a move is not as easy task, it involves gathering things and discarding the useless ones. It involves parking several small things and move heavy furniture. Rolling up carpets or rugs mean moving a lot of heavy furniture. It definitely will take more than one person to do the job. In that case, you will find getting a Man and Van Service handy. Contact a Removal company nearby.

If however you insist on moving your heavy furniture on your own , you should however consider the risks involved;

You are not a professional and may likely break your furniture;
If your furniture in broken in the process of parking, all the liability will be on you;
You will have to spend extra in purchasing accessories which you may not need for a long time;
To move your heavy furniture, you need to purchase Sliders of appropriate size at your local hardware or home goods store.

Lift each corner of your heavy furniture and more a slider underneath. You may need assistance of another person to help place the slider depending on how heavy the furniture is.

To move heavy furniture, place all the edges of the furniture on the slider. Once the edges are on the slider you can easily slide it off the room Carpet or Rug.

What if you are living in a flat of a storey building? You will have to consider carrying the furniture manually by the stairs, using the elevator, or if the flat has a balcony facing the street, lowering the furniture down with cords.

Considering the factors stated above, it is more constructive to use professional Man and Van service and not bother with the headaches. Professionals can easily move heavy furniture.

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