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Do you want to move secretly? There are a number of reasons one might want to move out without letting people know; It might be a rough neighborhood or bad neighbors. It might also be that your actions have offended so many people you’ll like to move fast and in secret.

Whatever your reasons might be, here are the steps you may follow to move secretly:


1. Make a decision where you are moving to; might be a house, flat or a single room. You need a destination
2. You have to make up your mind how badly you need to move. If it is very urgent , just pack a bag and make your move immediately and skip other steps altogether.
3. Depending on how large your goods are, book a Van service or a Man and Van. Pick a time of day when there is little activity, such as the dead of night or during the day when everyone is at work.
4. Pack your things in cardboard boxes or containers so that you can lift them yourself and they will fit in your car if you chose to move secretly on your own because your goods are pretty small.
5. Cancel the daily delivery of Groceries and Newspapers and arrange for your mails to be delivered to your new address.
6. Load your vehicle with what you are taking, drive it to your new destination and unload. Repeat as necessary.
7. If you own the property, then make arrangement for an estate agent/Realtor to sell or rent your property!

Going to the police will be advisable if you are moving because you are being intimidated or there is a threat upon your life. A person that has a grudge against you may likely track you down! Don’t forget to resign from you job if you are moving a long distance and also inform your landlord if you are moving from a rented apartment in order not to violate tenancy agreement

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