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Moving related loneliness is a syndrome associated with leaving an environment that one has been used to and relocating so somewhere new. Changing environment is hard enough, but having to get used to new people could make things harder. Follow the following steps to deal with moving & Man and van related loneliness.

1. Visit your neighbors and introduce yourself as the newest person on the street. Make sure you don’t intrude to their privacy, make your visit brief. You may also use the opportunity to invite your new neighbors for a visit.

2. Look out for local newspapers and search for clubs or organization of interest to meet like-minded people.Visit nearby restaurants and bars and strike a conversation with those around you. Dont forget to get the contact details of those you deem to be likeable.

3. Take a walk everyday if you don’t run or jog and greet the people you meet along the way.
4. Look out for other new people moving into your street and pop a card into their letterbox to say Hello – remembering how much you would have welcomed such a card when you first moved.

5. Don’t forget your old friends, invite then for a visit and visit then in turn from time to time.

6. Get involved in community driven activities, like discussions, local religious or sports organizations, volunteers and the likes. That is the easiest way to get rid of moving related loneliness, get involved!

7. Finally, here comes the Social Media. The social media is one of the best way to overcome moving related lonelines. There are a number of social media themed to meeting new people around you. If you own a smart phone with a GPS, these networks can search for your people that fit your description on your street! Prominent among such networks in Badoo, give it a try!

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