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Packing boxes for a move could be very difficult. It requires time and planning, the earlier the plan is made, the more hassle and stress free the movement will likely be. Plan ahead and collect packing boxes. Supermarkets and hospitals are a good source of packing boxes. You may also contact Man with Van service to help source for boxes for movement because they know sources of quality packing materials and strong moving boxes and cartons. This goes a long way in relieving extra stress.

Make sure you have labeled the packing boxes: By parking items belonging to a particular room together,it makes unpacking easier when you arrive at your destination. Start by packing smaller items together into boxes and label accordingly

Pack an “Open First” box: This box will most likely include items that you have used until the day you are moving and will likely need to use the first day you move to your destination. It may also be useful to add items such as dish soap, a sponge, a roll of paper towels, Kleenex, a couple pens, scissors, bath towels for each family member, one pot, one pan, one plastic stirring utensil, an extra box cutter, etc.

Pack a suitcase or box for each member of the family: A typical house has several items belonging to different people within the same house. It is advisable to have each member of the family park personalized items several days before moving. These items should be parked in a personalized box and labeled with the name of the owner. It should not be missed with other generalized items of the house.

Clean out the house: Many people keep a lot of items in the house that has no value, and move these items from house to house! Clean your house and identify the items that are no longer of use to you. You may dispose these items to the waste or might even open garage sales and sell out these items weeks before you move. This will keep you movement lighter and your new apartment tidier.

Begin taking apart any large items and placing all hardware in double-thick Ziploc bags, according to contents and room: Keep all bags in one box with the proper tools — allen wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc. This will make it easier to put everything back together when you have moved in.

Keep related items together: Try to keep them stacked in the rooms that you have finished packing. Keep all power strips and extension cords and grounded adapters in one specific box; they will be much easier to find later. Place all connecting accessories like screw and bolts back into the same pack as the furniture. This way, you can connect the bed or put the lampshade back on immediately instead of searching for them.

Bear in mind that when the truck is filled and the Removal service claimed to have parked everything, it is your own responsibility to go round and check that nothing is left behind!

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