5 Weird and Wonderful Things Found In Storage

5 Weird and Wonderful Things Found In Storage

We’ve been providing home removals in East London, North London, West London and South London and a number of homeowners require storage facilities whilst they move or redecorate.

Some secure facilities across London has seen a number of important belongings being stored which got us thinking about the weird and wonderful things people have stored around the world. Here are 5 of the best:

1. Unpublished Michael Jackson Songs

There were over 250 original Michael Jackson songs found in a self storage unit which belonged to Michael’s father, Joe Jackson. These songs were recorded between Michael Jackson’s music contracts and meant that no recording company owned them. These songs were worth millions of dollars.

2. A Comic Book Owned By Nicholas Cage

In 2000, a rare comic book owned by Nicholas Cage was stolen and was found over a decade later in an abandoned storage facility in America. Nicholas Cage is now reunited with his rare comic book which has been valued at a million dollars.

3. The Knight Rider Car

We all know and love the famous Knight Rider car, K.I.T.T, but one storage unit company in the UK was shocked to find a copy of K.I.T.T in one of their containers. This car was a bit different to an old work van or the daily family car.

4. A NASA Space Rocket

After a storage unit auction, one buyer couldn’t believe his luck when he found a NASA rocket and countdown clock inside. This old equipment had been stored there after the space program they were part of was discontinued.

5. A Live Grenade

Finding guns and ammunition in storage is something familiar to self-storage companies in the US, but one man from Michigan found a live hand grenade inside, much to his shock, and called the police. This is not something you want to find on a daily basis.

It is amazing what people store in self storage units, but they can be extremely useful for homeowners and businesses. If you want to store any belongings and need to find a self storage facility near you. Please contact us on 0203 0048588 or email us on info@bigvanremovalsuk.co.uk

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